Scientific Program

42° SICC National Congress & 1st IPCE Conference - Stresa Convention Centre

Draft Program at March 23th, 2017


June 18 – Educational Courses

10.00Course 1: Molecular Biology and Gene Expression for the Cosmetic Chemist
Instructed by Howard Epstein Ph.D.
13.00Working Lunch: Free
14.00Course 2: Skin Lipids: Essential Role of Lipids on Skin Health
Instructed by Apostolos Pappas Ph.D.
17.30Round Table: Legislation Gaps European, American and Japanese Legal experts:
L. Celleno SCCS European Commission
E. Dietrich, Cosmetic Europe
T. Furumoto P&G Japan Regulatory Expert
M.E.K. Kraeling, M.Sc. U.S. FDA
L. Nava, Cosmetica Italia (TBC)
P. Tsolis, Estee Lauder USA (TBC)
M. Velardo, Resident Counsel Cintoli & Associati Belgium
Moderator: G. Pirotta SICC Regulatory Affairs


June 19 Morning - Session 1 – Make-up & Skin/Sensory evaluation

10.00Keynote Speech: Sensory vs instrumental evaluations of cosmetics, a multifactorial approach
Luigi Rigano – ISPE, Institute of Skin and Product Evaluations
10.30Any Shade for Cosmetic Markers: A Systematic Approach to Formulate Colors
Claudio Pirovano PhD - Intercos S.p.A
10.50The Particle Size Paradox
Jack G. Saad - Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
11.10Coffee Break and Poster & exhibition visit
12.15Commercial Presentation Naturally Derived Multifunctional Polyesters
Kevin O’Lenick - SurfaTech Corporation
12.30A Biomimicry Approach to the Conception of New Cosmetic Pigments
Gaetano Distefano PhD - Intercos S.p.A.
12.50Working Lunch and Poster & exhibition visit


June 19 Afternoon - Session 2 – Skin Care: Quality & Formulations

14.30Keynote Speech: Our passion is more than “skin deep”: a recollection of how skincare evolved in Japan
Miki Minamino – Bellevienus Co.
15.00Commercial Presentation 3D Defence: skin and hair multi-protection against pollution and environmental stress
Papasergio N. - Skincare Specialist, Res Pharma
15.15Use of lipidomics to better understand skin properties
Marica Orioli – Milan University
15.35Evaluating the safety and claim substantiation of cosmetic products containing a bioactive peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)
Margaret E.K. Kraeling - M.Sc. U.S. Food and Drug Administration
15.55Evaluation of the potential of a cyclohexyloxyl derivative targeting impure skins
Valerie Bicard Benhamou – Merck KGaA
16.15A natural way to cover different PEG-free solubilization needs
Patrick Winter - Evonik Nutrition & Care Gmbh
16.35Protective effects of 3-O-ethyl-ascorbic acid on UVs-induced acute and chronic damage in skin cell model and human clinical study
Ssu-Ching Wang – Corum Inc. Taiwan
16.55Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin Care
Tony O’Lenick – Siltech LLC
17.15Implementing a Flexible Framework for Quality in an Evolving Global Regulatory Environment: A Supplier’s Perspective
Bart Maxon – Dow Corning
17.35Closing Remarks
21.00Gala Dinner


June 20 - Morning - Session 3 – Sun Care: From History to innovation

09.30Keynote Speech: Sun Care: How we took care of the “Sun”: a brief history of defeat and glory
Fujihiro KANDA – Shiseido
10.00Commercial Presentation Regulatory vs. Strategy how to convert a legal requirement into a powerful marketing tool
Marco Piacentini PhD - MBA Chimar Srl
10.20Sunscreen Application Film with Unique Fine Capsules; Enhancing UV Protection and Reducing UV Filters Penetration
Takashi Arakawa - Kao Corporation
10.40Coffee Break and Poster & exhibition visit
11.50Pattern Formation by Viscous Fingering during Sunscreen Application and its Influence on the UV
Protection Efficacies and Their Evaluations

Kouichi Asakura - Keio University - Japan
12.10Nature know how & plant cell technology to combat IR and UV induced photoageing
Ricard Armengol - Provital S.A
12.30Working Lunch and Poster & Exhibition visit
14.00Analysis of NanoTiO2 in Suncare (or Make-up) products
Enrico Sabbioni – Perkin Elmer Italy
14.20Effects of temperature Change of Applied Layers of Emulsion Type Sunscreens on Their Structure and UV Protection Abilities
Sakiho Kawase - Lion Corporation
14.40Ethylcellulose stabilized emulsions as new strategy in sun protection
Vincent Hubiche – Gattefossé France


June 20 - Afternoon - Session 4 – The Personal Care future-land

15.00Keynote Speech: The future of Cosmetics in the States
Peter Tsolis – Estee Lauder
15.30Non-nano sized UV light-scattering titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ), comparable to nano-sized TiO 2 ,for suncare products
Toru Imamura - Iwase Cosfa CO.,LTD R&D Dept.
15.50Commercial Presentation
16.05Neurocharacterization of lip products sensory profile: use of electroencephalography (EEG) and galvanic
skin response (GSR) for evaluating rub-out

Simone Augusto Lombardi - Neuroemotika Srl e Annamaria Ratti - Bregaglio Srl
16.25Interaction of melanocyte stem cells with epidermal stem cells in the formation of solar lentigines
Takaaki Yamada - Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co
16.45The interplay between keratinocytes and skin microbiota
Leoty-Okombi S. - BASF Beauty Care Solutions France
17.05Closing Remarks and farewell Ceremony